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In-App Messaging

In-App Messaging
They can go by a number of names: in-app messages, in-app notifications, in-app messaging andMessage Center messages. They are a vital component of an overall mobile messaging strategy, which includes other messaging types such as push notifications, mobile wallet messages, email and SMS .
In-app chat refers to a two-way, back-and-forth conversation that a user can have inside your app with a customer representative.
Usually, this conversation is initiated by the user because he or she needs help, has a question, or wants to report an issue. In this way, in-app chat works to assist users by providing efficient and accessible customer support.
In-app message is a rich, visual notification that appears as a direct response to what a user is doing (or, is not doing, but should be doing) in your app.
These messages are automated (or, triggered by behavior) and set up by the app developer or marketer to appear at key points of interactivity. The goal here is to nurture users and help guide them through the app towards the penultimate in-app action.