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Dedicated Short Code

Dedicated Short Code Service

Dedicated Short Code SMS Service: With this service you can order for dedicated short code service for your business. We will provide you 5 digit text message short code number, Which works for your applications only. No other services are shared on it. You can create unlimited short code messages keywords and design unlimited applications on it. Example: Send “TG ” on 56677.


Features :

  • 1.Dedicated Shortcode becomes unique Identity of Brand.
  • 2.More user friendly as Customers need to only type the service without Brand name(Ex: IBAL to 676766 for balance enquiry of ICICI Bank).
  • 3.Unlimited keywords can be configured.
  • 4.Keyword availability is not restricted.
  • 5.Any message can be captured even if not prefixed with Keyword(Ex: I need to know where can i drop cheque in city name XXXX).


Benefits :

  • 1.Broadcast messages to either individuals or to answering machines and individuals with different messages.
  • 2.Voice blast messages to millions of households.
  • 3.Computer generated phone calls for alerts and automatic event notifications such as system failures.
  • 4.Single Message broadcast using XML Push.
  • 5.Database access and update.
  • 6.Email notification of call results or voicemail.
  • 7.Timeout features and call control options.
  • 8.Database access with XML Pull.