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Toll Free Number

Toll Free Number

Toll free SMS service enables visitors of your website to send SMS to your number at zero cost. You, as the website owner should take care of the charges. This service is similar to that of toll free phone numbers, where the caller spends nothing at all by calling. In the toll free SMS service, the sender just types a message from the website and the message is delivered to your mobile.

A Toll Free number is a telephone number that is billed for all the calls received instead to the person calling. For the calling party, a call to the toll-free number is free of charge, hence the term Free-phone number. Identified by a dialling prefix 1-800 representing the geographic code, this service number varies on country basis.

BulkSMSglobal provides three Toll-Free number options to its customers; an 11or 12 digit number, a number of 1-800 series and a 7 digit number which is expensive as well as exclusive. The charges are calculated on per minute basis of usage.

With BulkSMSglobal’s Toll- Free service, you get to experience a 40% increase in enquiries and leads. With options of Whitelisting, Advanced analytics, Welcome greeting in preferred language and competitive pricing, this service could be your game-changer.


We offer Toll Free Number 1800 xxx yyyy & 1860 xxx yyy. :

  • 1800 Toll Free is Free Call Service to Caller.
  • 1860 Toll Free is Local Call Charges Paid by Caller

Features :

    • SMS Mantra Introduces Intelligent Toll Free PAN India Services 1800 xxx yyyy, adding to its large range of services under Enterprise Business solutions.
    • iTollFree Services are designed specifically for Enterprise customers to help Serve their target audience round the clock within India.
    • iTollFree Services can help boost sales and improve customer service levels by providing your clients with a 24 X 7 X 365 Contact Number.
    • iTollFree service is an ideal business promotion tool for enterprise customers who want their customers to call them free of cost & strengthen their clients relations and enhance inbound telesales efforts. Customer oriented organizations can provide information about their products, allow customers to place orders or even register their complaints/suggestions and offer assistance to customers without the caller / user getting billed for their incoming phone calls.

Defining Feature:

  • SMS Mantra iTollFree Next Generation network & smart Intelligent Network platform at your finger tips, Path breaking & revolutionary initiative specially designed for enterprise customers.
  • Web Interface: User Friendly Web Interface- Gives iTollFree Service Users a complete Online Real Time Access to SMS Mantra Next Generation Network & IN (Intelligent Network) Platform.
  • Define Routing: Define your iTollFree Service Termination Numbers to suit your Business requirements on real time basis via your web interface.
  • Change Routing: Your user friendly web interface also gives you power to change your destination numbers as your business needs change.
  • Live Event Voting.

Advanced Feature:

  • Geographic/Point of Call Routin.
  • Time of Day/Time Interval Routing.
  • Day of Week/ Year Routing.
  • Percentage Allocation Routing.
  • Condition Based Routing.
  • Geographic/Point-Of-Call Routing.
  • Call Area Selection/Tailored Call Coverage.