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Mobile Surveys & Forms

Create and Send Mobile Surveys & Forms in Minutes

Get maximum responses by sending surveys & forms as clickable links in your SMS campaigns

Why should you send your surveys & forms with Idea Technosolutions?

With almost 98% of SMS messages being opened and read within 5 seconds, SMS has 5x response rates than email, so why not send your surveys & forms via SMS? Textlocal makes it really easy to create multi-page surveys and questionnaires, and send them as clickable links in a text message.

Idea Technosolutions surveys are mobile-optimized, feature industry-standard options and can even be fully personalized for every recipient (using merge fields and skip logic)! Combined with the high-engagement SMS medium, our SMS surveys work as great low-cost alternatives to other popular survey tools and forms.

How can your business use Idea Technosolutions Forms and Surveys?

Idea Technosolutions mobile surveys are perfect for businesses of all sectors and sizes. Here are a few ways in which Textlocal customers use our surveys:

  • Surveys: Customer feedback surveys, opinion polls, market research, employee satisfaction surveys, marketing surveys, healthcare surveys, event planning surveys, student & parent surveys & many more scenarios
  • Data collection forms and applications: Loan applications, insurance claim forms, contracts, job applications
  • Appointments: Doctors/clinics, salons, training classes.
  • Registrations: Newsletter sign ups, school/college registrations, event registrations, yoga/gym enrollments, brochure downloads
  • Competitions: Quizzes and questionnaires for school/college exams, job applications, competitions, hackathons and more.