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Transactional Email

Where an email is sent to a person on an individual basis, usually as a result of an action they’ve taken (like making a purchase, or receiving a shipping update) is called Transactional Mailing.

Transactional emails are becoming essential to the way we interact with applications and services on the web. You know those emails from Facebook letting you know someone’s commented on a photo, or those receipt emails you get from Amazon? They’re transactional emails, with content that’s tailored specifically to you. Transactional email is a type of one-to-one email. It’s different from bulk email, which goes to many people with the same content.

Transactional email delivery that is scalable, reliable, and easy to implement. Whether you’re developing apps for the web or mobile environments, you need an effective way to communicate with your customers. Email remains the most powerful form of customer communication, but building and maintaining your own email infrastructure can be resource-intensive and costly. SendGrid eliminates the cost and complexity of maintaining your own infrastructure, allowing you to focus on developing the next great app.


You May Receive A Transactional Email When You:

  • Sign up for a service, site, or newsletter.
  • Make a change to an account profile.
  • Leave items in an online shopping cart.
  • Renew a subscription to a site or service.
  • Forget your username or password, and request a new one.
  • Have updates or notifications sent from an account.
  • Make a purchase or donation online or in a brick-and-mortar store (some retailers will now offer to email a receipt to you).
  • Get a reply to a comment on a blog or social-media site.
  • Get a response from a contact form or online survey.