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Shared Short Code

Shared Short Code Service

Shared Short Code SMS Service: With this service you can order for a keyword on common short code service for your business. We will provide you 5 digit mobile number and a keyword on it, which works for your applications only. As it is shared number other user may also use this short code number for their businesses. Example: Send “TG ” on 56677


Features :

  • 1.Shared ShortCode is used by many Brands.
  • 2.The customer has to type Brand Name & then the service(Ex: ICICIBANK IBAL to 6767).
  • 3.Cost increases with every keyword.
  • 4.Keyword availability may be restricted in case some other Brand is already used same keyword.
  • 5.Message should always begin with Keyword; incase of mistake in typing the message will not be captured.


Benefits :

  • 1.Easy to remember by mobile users.
  • 2.Short code vendors create unlimited Keywords and can sale to others.
  • 3.For each SMS received they can sent 1 Free Reply SMS.
  • 4.Short code vendor can earn money by doing contest, voting etc.
  • 5.Download all the SMS delivery report to your CRM or ERP software.